Empowerment for Women


“There are things that you as a woman are doing and not doing that are causing you to repel men. These things are also making you attract certain type’s of men and not attract certain kinds of men. If you are not willing to take responsibility you’ll never attract the kind of man you deserve and you desire deep down.” – Kute Blackman

Low self esteem and poor body image is a major obstacle to sexual pleasure for many women. During the Live Hear Me Roar Seminar, Kendal Williams will discuss some of the techniques that she uses to break through these inhibitions and empower women to take charge of their lives, physically, emotionally and sexually.

The Hear Me Roar Experience:

Consists of an interactive seminar designed to help you find your lost tigress–the side that gets pushed away as life becomes more demanding and age and other people’s opinions take their toll on your feminine confidence.

The Hear Me Roar Experience (Seminar and on-line training):

Will teach you the skills necessary to create a loving, sensual  powerful relationship with yourself and others and reclaim your sexy feminine confidence.

You’ll learn to:

–Recreate yourself as a confident sensual woman

–Embrace and release your inner flirt

–Excel in the art of seduction

–Make your life a more blissful, passionate and awe-inspiring experience

— How to attract the man (men) you want and avoid relationships that you don’t want



Why do I believe that The Hear Me Roar Experience can change your life?

 before and after



What’s the difference between these two picture’s?

14 years and a whole lot of self-acceptance, transformation and empowerment of the sexual, emotional and physical self.


Fourteen years ago I was a young mother of three children, living in Seattle and blaming myself for everything that was wrong in my marriage and life. I would get up in the morning and look in the mirror with total disgust. I saw a woman who was not deserving of a blissed out life. I saw a woman who had cheated on her spouse. I saw a  woman who was over weight, lost in life, had a bunch of unauthentic relationships, was struggling financially,depressed and  had the start of chrohns disease and was overloaded with all to much stress.

Today now the mother of six beautiful children, I wake up in the mornings take a good deep breath of gratitude, stretch and when I look in the mirror I see a woman who has all the blessings she could wish for, who has beautiful authentic relationships, incredible possibilities, vibrant health, gourmet sex with powerful orgasms. I feel emotionally sound and happy and best yet, I get to share with YOU how I transformed myself, the skills and lessons I learned and help you recover your beautiful, powerful feminine glow. Your Confidence.


The Hear Me Roar Experience for Women takes you on a journey to complete female empowerment. 


Are you:

  • a mother wanting to put yummy back into mummy,
  • a long-term wife or partner who’s lost her mojo,
  • shy and timid and wanting your hand held to explore,
  • a woman wanting to build your sexual confidence and increase your libido
  • long-term single and wanting to get out there,
  • active and out there but lacking intimate connection,
  • or already luscious and knowing there’s always more to learn and experience…


The Hear Me Roar Experience will give you answers to how to:

  • Break through the obstacles of your fears
  • Break through the inner obstacles you face personally, professionally and spiritually
  • Provide the essential skills and knowledge to equip you with the understanding & insight to break through the fear and limitations which hinder us from living our lives passionately & purposefully


September 20th, 2014

Concorde on the Creek, 6750 Hillcrest Plaza

Suite #317, Dallas, TX 75230

Register Now and Save

 Early Bird Pricing $55.00/per person

After Sept 11th, 2014 $75.00/pp






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