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The Power of Vaginal Weight Lifting + Other Sexual Secret’s for Women

COMING IN June 2016!!!!

11:30am to 3pm

13601 Preston Road Suite W765

Dallas, TX (Carillon Towers West Building)

Use Google Maps to locate. Parking and entrance at Alpha & Carillon Parkway

Do you suffer from post-birth incontinence?
Have things “changed” since you’ve had a child?
Is sex painful or uncomfortable? 
Have Kegels never worked for you?
Would you like to be able to make your man orgasm with the strength and agility of your vagina?
Need help with G-Spot orgasms?
Do have issues having an orgasm in general?
Are you suffering from a weak vagina and have female health concerns?
And SO Much More!!!!

This workshop is designed to educate and inform each participant providing them with the skills needed to have a dynamic, strong and sexy vagina. This is a ladies only workshop. For ages 18 to 100+.

▪ PG13 – No nudity or lab
▪ Open Q & A
▪ All participants will receive a high quality Jade Egg (Valued up to $75)
▪ Class Limited to 20 Participants.
▪ First Come First Serve.
▪ Floor Seating on Cushions.


Learn More About this Class HERE and HERE

Early Bird $65.00

Afterward   $85.00

Vaginal Strength and Health Class

*Workshop/Events Refund Policy

**Please NOTE: That if you are currently in a program with KW Coaching that this workshop is part of my free/discount program. You receive the program free but are responsible for purchasing the Jade Egg and this is mandatory for class participation. Jade Eggs are sold wholesale for small/medium/large eggs. ($38/55/75) Size of egg needed is determined on a few factors that are discussed during class, but your choice is always your choice and honored.

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