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Gentlemen Join Me in the SUMMER of 2017


Carillon Towers West

13601 Preston Road Suite W765

Dallas, Texas.

(Use Google Maps ONLY, Other GPS providers have an issue locating building. Parking & Building entrance is at Alpha & Carillon Parkway)

Men’s Tantra Sexuality

  • Become a better lover
  • Learn Key Jade Dragon Sexual Practices
  • Proven training techniques that allow men to discover and master their orgasmic potential
  • Men will learn the concepts to last longer and become multi-orgasmic (separating orgasm from ejaculation)
  • Experience more pleasure than you ever thought was possible
  • Tantric love-making practices, tips and techniques
  • Introduction to Tantric massage, evolving your partners orgasmic potential
  • Learn how to deepen your connection, intimacy and love with a partner that is brand new or a 20+ year relationship
  • Learn Keys to Female Sexuality and Turn On
  • Understand and move into the role of conscious masculinity in sexual relationships

This will be delivered as an intensive 2 hour workshop. Using conscious lecture, practical exercises and strategies for future. Attendees will leave empowered  with the practical tools to begin and continue the practice of Tantra in their sexuality (weather solo or in union). Each attendee will get a one on one experimental practice with Kendal to help further guide them and open them on their tantric path.

Kendal has been teaching sexual Tantra to hundreds of men, women and couple’s for 5 years. In her work with the great masculine her specialty and passion is to see all men awaken to their true potential and learn how to support their partners orgasmic evolution into  not just “good sex” but GOURMET love making.

This workshop is intensive, practical and is aimed at men who have a deep desire to evolve their sexual relationships and wish to truly separate orgasm from ejaculation thus becoming the elusive “multi-orgasmic man”. It is also aimed at those gentlemen who want to truly understand the art of love making and get answers to pressing questions about love,sex and relationship when dealing with women.

This is a Tantra 101-102 PG13 Workshop

40% lecture/30% experimental/ 30% Discussion

It is Educational Focused/ Empowerment Focused for the Great Masculine

There is No Nudity.

Floor Seating Only.
Spaces are limited to 15 men and registration is necessary to guarantee your place.
Time:  Noon to 2:30 pm 
Cost: $45 Early Bird  At the Door $65

Early Bird Participants are entered into a drawing for a FREE Bliss Prize worth $35 🙂

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