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Overcoming the 4 Sexual Challenges of Couple-hood

August 8th, 2013 @ 1PM CST

Mind & Body Radio… Is Your Sex Life Suffering?

Do you have all sorts of questions about sex but don’t know where to turn or who to trust?
Are you in an intimate relationship but feeling like things may be getting rocky or stale?
Are you concerned that this relationship may end the same as your last?
Do you wish you felt more passion in your relationship the way you did in the “honeymoon” phase?

Sex, relationships, marriage.

How do you keep things hot? What about when the fire dies down?
Why do some people manage to sustain a “hot, sexy, full of passion relationship when other’s can’t ?

Learn about good sexual communication and how to “Overcome the 4 Major Sexual Challenges of Couple-hood. “

Kendal Williams will be covering the 4 biggest sources of misunderstanding that she see’s come up in intimate relationships around sexuality, and will teach you as to why these things happen and what to do about them.

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sexnspiritThe Union Between Sexuality and Spirituality as Part of Our Evolution – with Angela Coulter

For some time, we’ve created and perpetuated the belief that sexuality and spirituality are two very different boxes in our lives, along with the idea that sex is dirty, impure, and “ungodly” – only acceptable for reproduction. The treatment of this part of ourselves as forbidden and primal has led us to using the act of sex in many debasing ways and has greatly minimized, if not eliminated altogether, the idea that sexuality is actually one of the doorways to help us remember our Divinity.

When we shift to accepting its higher vibration, our sexuality becomes a sacred form of self-realization and opening to the higher self, as well as opening to full union of higher love and connection with another. In this way, it’s incorporated as a crucial part of our spiritual evolution!

Our guest this week is Kendal Williams (, a Tantric practitioner whose lifetime journey to self-empowerment presented itself through the melding of her sexuality and spirituality.

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