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Get Knotty @ The Velvet Curtain

Level 2 Class
A Sensual Bondage Workshop
50 Shades of Grey Inspired
Date TBA
11:30am to 2:30 pm
Workshop for Singles & Couples
Limited Seating.
Pre-registration is a Must!!!
Get Knotty is a sensual, easy, sexy rope play workshop.
Created to help the novice to the well experienced with their rope play and create TRUE sexual bondage intelligence.

Course Details:
Get Knotty is an Intensive Mini Workshop for Basic to Advanced with Teacher Michael Harris who will be assisted by Sex & Relationship Educator and Tantra teacher Kendal Williams and Authentic Living Coach Scott Beauregard.

50 Shades of Grey Inspired this workshop will teach you what the books and movie only touched on. If you found what Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele explored was a turn on, a temperature increasing, fun experience that you would like to explore as well or one that you have experience with but want to learn “the ropes” better or are just looking for new knot’s to tie or to further your rope education then this class could be for you!

If you came to our first Get Knotty Workshop in March or if this is your first or hundredth experience with rope play then this class is for you!

We will explore:

  • Rope Bondage techniques
  • Accurate Knot Ties (Simple and Complex – Level 2 Ties)
  • Safety Practices
  • Importance of Trust for Submission
  • Rope Bondage as A Meditation
  • Sensual Play Practices

Blow your lovers mind with the skills and concepts you learn in this playful class! Learn how to set up hot scenes and take away all hesitation, frustration and fear.

Spend a potent half day at the Velvet Curtain and learn this and more! Let Michael Harris, Kendal Williams and Scott Beauregard share a wealth of bondage, tantric principles and intimacy and safety techniques with you so you can move as seamlessly as Christain and Anastaia through a sensual scene set up in your play room.

Your potent half Day Course Includes:

  • 3 hours of focused instruction with ton’s of hands-on practice.
  • Personalized training to make sure you get all your questions answered.
  • Multiple Demo’s and Labs.
  • FREE 1 piece per participant of rope. 
  • All rope will be supplied for class. Additional rope will be available for purchase at deep discount afterward if you want the suggested 4-8 pieces  for your bondage play collection.
  • Entry Into the Get Knotty Drawing to win a SPECIAL Prize worth $100


  • Safety, rope selection, basic knots,intermediate rope ties (Level 2) rope care
  • Review Basic One & Two-Column Tie
  • Learn the Basic Chest Harness
  • Learn how to tie the Spanking Harness
  • Rope Meditation Exercise
  • Vulnerability & Trust- The keys to Sensual Rope Play
  • Permissions & Safety Words
  • And more

Exercises will be done by all participants. This way everyone can explore the sensation and skill of being tied as well as tying another person. This practice time will be extremely fun, safe and educational.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring yoga mats,thai yoga mats, blankets, pillows etc if you like. We want you comfortable. Exercises will be done on the floor.
  • Class will be open to Singles & Couple’s- Single’s will be paired at the beginning of class.
  • This is a Rope Bondage Workshop- There may be nudity from our model who you will see the demo’s being done on. 

Rope will be provided and is part of your FREE Get Knotty Bondage Play Package, however if you have your own rope you want to bring please feel free to do so as well.

Be prepared to shop at the event! We will bring a supply of SPECIALTY Get Knotty Bondage items for your take home pleasure!!!! PLUS a few choice favorite toys of Kendal’s :)

Cash or card only for on-site product purchases.

$50 per person or $75 a couple
Limited Seating.
Pre-Registration is a must!

A Practical Play Workshop

Workshop for Singles & Couples

Seating Limited to 24 attendee’s

Pre-registration is a Must!!! Our Last Get Knotty Class Sold Out!

Workshop Location:

1825 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, Texas 75226



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