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“Max the Texas Crystal skull. For many people who have been in the presence of this skull, it has become very important. It has healed people and changed people’s lives. The skull is a simple carving when compared to the Mitchell-Hedges skull. The way it has been carved, however, should have scattered it into pieces. Why it has not is a mystery. According to the story told by its caretaker, JoAnn Parks, the skull’s last caretaker was a Tibetan Lama who used it for healing.”– Jaap van Etten

Spiritual Wellness Month Celebration with Max The Ancient Crystal Skull

March 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2017

Little Elm Texas @ Private Residence

This year we will be enjoying rejuvenation, awakening and bringing our whole system into a THRIVE state. Having Max the Ancient Crystal Skull with us for the 5th year in a row has been a blessing that everyone is eternally grateful for and I for one count his visit in my home as the start of a New Year. Each year that Max visits brings with it an even greater abundance of growth, awakening, and deep cellular healing. Max brings with him a true state of THRIVE!  That is why this year Crystal Kia- Paul and myself are hosting a Chakra Circling Meditation and Renewal event for our VIP guests on March 3rd, 2017 that will include a Restoring Chakra Harmony Tapa’s Dinner.
The Chakra Circiling event will be a two part event.
We will start with a small group format in a circle within our residence. Here we will experience the ignition of energy with Max as our center point. You will be guided through a deep mediation using a Tibetan Singing bowl. From there we will do open circling rounds focused on the synergy of body, mind and soul.
Highlighted Circling Experience: Chakra Palette , during these rounds of circling you will enjoy a palette sensory of food and drink that will open and restore harmony to each chakra.
After our meditation and circling we will enjoy open conversation with JoAnn Parks and viewing/connection with Max the Ancient Crystal Skull as well a chakra focused Tapa dinner.
Come enjoy a night full of spiritual renewal, connection, laughter, sensation and a taste of a life rooted in the energy of THRIVE...
Restoring Chakra Harmony Tapa Dinner Menu:
(Root) Radish & Beet Salad with citrus dressing
(Root) Savory Herb Roasted Potatoes
(Sacral) Coriander Crusted Salmon & Beef Tenderloin Bites served with Tropical Fruit Salsa
(Solar) Quinoa Pasta with Coconut Curry and Mixed Grilled Veggies
(Heart) Broiled Shaved Brussels Sprouts with bacon, sage, and a hint of heat
(Throat) Lemon Tart with Blueberries
(3rd Eye) Turkish Espresso with the Essence of Cardamom – Served with a Chocolate Spoon
(Crown) Candied Hibiscus Flowers and Sparkling Water Infused with Max Charged Crystals
Join us as we journey into deep spiritual work with Max. His frequencies are healing, activating and expanding!

Max will be in Little Elm, Texas for three days. There are several ways that you can experience Max. You can spend time alone with him in a “Viewing.” Or you can also join us for a “Special Friday Evening Event.”

Private Viewings Friday- Sunday
Viewing 1/2 hour Sessions are 30 minutes each. You can bring your own crystals and bottled water to charge with Max’ energy. You will be alone in the room with Max during that time. You can take photographs. Individual $50 / Groups $35 per person (up to 4 people)

Friday Night Special VIP Event 7:30-10pm in Little Elm TX — Chakra Circling, Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and Chakra Harmony Tapa Dinner with JoAnn Parks & Max the Ancient Crystal Skull


$65 per person – Limited Seating (ONLY 20 people at this VIP Special Event)

REGISTER TODAY for this LIMITED Space Event or a Private Viewing with Max!

Reservations for PRIVATE VIEWING must be secured with a credit card and are non-refundable. The Friday event must be paid for in advance as this is a catered event and there will be NO at the door sign-ups.

Location Given to Registered Attendee’s ONLY – In Little Elm, TX (Private Residence)

*Limited Seating available for Friday Night VIP Event!

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