Couple’s Workshop


Learn how to keep your relationships growing–beyond the sexually neutralized roles so typical of today–and create a relationship that is spiritually erotic, sexually deep and passionately committed to love.

Want to feel more love in your life? In your relationship?

Want to experience richer, deeper intimacy?

Want to feel deep connection with your partner again?

KW event’s and workshops are designed to be fun, educational, interactive and healing. Kendal’s dedication to couple’s relationship healing, growth and expansion is revealed in each new development and the depth of commitment and sharing experienced during each workshop is unsurpassed. “Sacred Intimacy- A Couple’s Workshop” has been developed with the intent to advance a couple through multiple steps of relationship evolution. Perfect for new relationships that want to experience a deeper connection and understanding from the beginning to the 20+ year relationship that is looking to reconnect and ignite what they may feel is dwindling away. Experience sexual healing, a birthing of sacred relationship and feel a greater depth of self love and appreciation for life itself.

Through this event you will explore and experience the Divine in all and learn how to let it flow through you to bring your lovemaking to new heights of intimacy, passion, pleasure and opening not just in the bedroom but in EVERY moment.

Sacred Intimacy- A Couple’s Workshop is focused on your intimacy, connection, sexual education and healing, relationship expansion and sensual techniques and overcoming relationship/sexual blockages.


“Both my husband and I were shocked at how connected we felt in our session and after. We saw the importance of leaning how to relate at this new level and how sacred tantric work and fantasy play could deepen our marriage.”

— Kim and Dave M. Dallas, TX


“I have attended many of Kendal’s events now and I am always impressed with her dedication, unconditional love and knowledge base. She is always willing to share her personal experience’s and blends them into knowledgeable sharing with her extensive education on relationships, sexual healing and practices. ” — Jeff C. Richardson, TX


A workshop designed to enhance couplehood through building physical intimacy in your relationship, while  fully charging and activating emotional and spiritual intimacy as well. This IS the Sacred Intimacy You Have Always Wanted!

Intimacy is to the relationship as food is to the body. When the desire for intimacy is quenched, we experience wholeness and a deep bond with life, ourselves and our partner which allows us to be at one with ourselves and the world. In alliance with a sexual connection, intimacy can be intoxicating, inspirational, and even transcendent. The shadow side of deep communion with life and our partner is fear of intimacy, which is actually the fear of loss, rejection, and shame. These fears are universally common, yet their presence need not prevent or damper us from experiencing the  bliss of  Sacred Intimacy. It is not about eliminating these illusions and concern but of responding to them skillfully and knowing how to stand in love instead of stepping out of it.

 intimatecouple2Awakening Heart and Emotions – 

Discover how you can raise your sexual energies and guide conscious pleasure throughout your whole being. Using tantric practices, meditation, breath-work, sound and movement you will explore the healing of communication in this eye opening intimacy training and connection workshop. The foundation to the following workshop level’s and to awakening to a new paradigm in your relationship.



  • Sharing intentions, boundaries and fears
  • Communication skills to build greater trust and intimacy
  • Discovering and removing blockages in your relationship and sex life
  • Opening your heart
  • Safe sensual touch
  • Soul eye gazing & yab yum
  • Let go to bliss  and surrender


Has teasing, tantilizing and exploration become a thing of the past in your relationship?

Are you suffocating from sexual boredom?

Do you question your skills in the bedroom?

Have you always wanted to know the great secrets of gourmet sex?

Learning to share in the pleasure of awakening Sacred Intimacy in your Couplehood, you will gain a deep knowledge of your own unique needs and desires as well as learning ancient skills, how too’s, and so much more about for the pleasure boost and understanding of your mate. Sex is adult playtime, it is where we learn about ourselves, our lover, life and even our connection to God. Discover your true heart and passion.

intimatecouple1Sensual Development – 

Learn to increase pleasure between you and your partner through expanded lovemaking techniques. Learn the keys to sexual arousal, multiple orgasms for men and women, the many forms of orgasm, taboo sexual spots that add spice and more.




  • How to slow down in lovemaking
  • Sensual breath increasing connection and pleasure
  • Sexual connection and presence
  • Sexual anatomy
  • The 3 main female orgasm’s G-spot, clitorial and cervical
  • Using toys for spice
  • Self pleasuring
  • Ejaculatory choice


The perfect workshop for any couple who wants to deepen their relationship in a safe, fun and educational enviroment.

What to expect during your 6 hour intensive Sacred Intimacy Couple’s Workshop:

  • Learn everything listed above in the two sections.
  • Each couple receives a ” Sensual Bliss Package” (valued at $120) plus raffle tickets for a drawing on a prize. This package has fun exploration gifts and a lovely empowerment resource for your connection dates.
  • Safe enviroment. This workshop is a 101-102 event, rated R for language, topics covered openly. All “couple” exercises done ONLY with your partner. No direct sexual touching, i.e. genital massage, intercourse, etc.
  • 40% lecture/40% experimental 101 activities for couples/20% open discussion
  • Participate in only the exercises you and your partner are comfortable with.
  • Share only what you want to vocalize with the group. There is no mandated sharing of any kind outside of opening circle which is a brief introduction.
  • Enjoy a small group enviroment.
  • No nudity. No mutual touch with anyone outside of your partner.

April 22nd, 2017 @ Carillon Towers – Dallas

10am to 4pm ( please note class may run 30 minutes late)

Lunch is included with Workshop. Menu coming soon.

(Alpha & Preston by the Galleria Mall)

Enjoy This Powerful Sacred Intimacy for Couples Workshop at our beautiful office located in:

Dallas, Texas

Ealry Bird Pricing $345.00 per couple!!!

After Early Bird $425.00

You get a $625 Value for ONLY $345!!! Register Today and Save Your Spot 

Limited to 6 Couple’s ONLY!!!

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